Live the “good life” without lifting a finger! 

           This is the motto of the Lazy Man’s Guide to Good Livin’, a series of hellaciously-helpful hints for realizing your every dream without ever really doing anything!

Let’s face it: do you really HAVE to take out the garbage this week?  Can’t that laundry wait another month?  Wouldn’t it be great if all major home, auto, and medical repairs could really be solved with duct tape and bunji cords?

            Yes, yes, and – rip, rip (of the duct tape), boing, boing (of the bunji cords) – yes.  The Lazy Man will show you how to solve nearly all domestic chores, as well as some psychological and/or social errands, with common household “stuff” and a minimum of physical exertion and stress.

It’s all about what the Lazy Man calls…  LIFESTYLE SHORTCUTS”™. 

For instance, the Lazy Man’s Guide to Good Livin’ features such wildly-successful, problem-solving, LIFESTYLE SHORTCUTS™ as:


  • How to use typewriter correction fluid to correct ALL life’s misprints – from stains on walls to stains on teeth.  See films.


  • How most power tools can also be used as super-efficient cooking utensils.



  • The three things you’ll need to build a home-made EKG and save on pricey visits to the cardiologist (we’ll even show you where to borrow the D batteries)



Life is a sticky tangle of every day nonsense, and THE LAZY MAN’S GUIDE TO GOOD LIVIN’ is your no-stick, nonsensical, detangler.


As the Lazy Man says: “Don’t put off `til tomorrow, what you can fix today with a six-pack and a staple gun.”


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™ and © 2005 John Derevlany.  All rights reserved.

Lazy Man Comics illustration by Paige Pooler