The Lazy Man's Guide to Legal Things

The Lazy Man's Guide to Good Livin' is for entertainment purposes only.  In other words, please don't try any of these patented Lifestyle Shortcuts™ at home, unless you are a professionally licensed and certified Lazy Man™.  Attempting some or all of the tips and/or techniques suggested by The Lazy Man's Guide to Good Livin' may may result in bodily injury, harm, death, dismemberment, or severe confusion and disappointment, not necessarily in that order.  Yes, we realize it's a "do-it-yourself" guide -- just DON'T DO any of these things yourself.  While most of the techniques presented here are the result of actual development and experimentation by the Lazy Man himself at his vast 450-square foot Lazy Man Research Facility in Culver City, CA, this does not mean they are a good idea.  It's mostly just the Lazy Man trying to keep himself awake.


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™ and © 2005 John Derevlany.  All rights reserved.