The Lazy Man’s Guide to Good Livin’ began life as a series of short films made for the internet and a mobile phone video service called MFlix.  Produced, written, directed, edited, and shot all by one person – John Derevlany – the “Lazy Man” films covered such topics as hiding blood stains with white-out, and how to pack for a vacation without ever touching your own clothes.  The project came about as a reaction to the current crop of home-improvement shows and channels on the air, all of which seem geared to extremely-motivated people.  “But what about the rest of us?” Derevlany asked, as he eyed the pile of dirty dishes in his sink.  Then, instead of putting the dishes in the dishwasher only a few feet away, he rigged up a complex series of bunji cords that enabled him to pile the dirty dishes even higher.             

Thus was born the Lazy Man concept of “lifestyle shortcuts”™, which, when you come right down to it, aren’t always shortcuts.  But is it really worth it to follow Martha Stewart’s advice and make a potpourri holder out of an old coffee can, when you can buy a much more stylish and durable device at the 99 Cent store?  Home-made crafts and elaborate food presentations are rarely that practical.  But they do provide a sense of mastery and accomplishment.  Just like when Lazy Man makes “fresh-squeezed” juice by shooting oranges at a brick wall with a pitching machine from a local batting cage.  It would’ve made a lot more sense for him to buy a carton of Tropicana, or maybe even a traditional juicer.  But, heck… what fun is that?


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™ and © 2005 John Derevlany.  All rights reserved.

Lazy Man Comics illustration by Paige Pooler