Since 1995, the Lazy Man has made more than 30 films demonstrating his patented LIFESTYLE SHORTCUTS™.

Unfortunately, in this time of great cinematic achievement, he has only finished five of them.  Such are the perils of being... well... lazy.  

The completed films are available for download on this website.  They include the following...


Tip #23 - "White Out" - The most popular of the Lazy Man films, this classic work demonstrates how correction fluid can be used to hide everything from blood stains to dental discoloration to suicide note typos.

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Tip #4 - "Going #2" -- The Lazy Man discovers the joys of a truly "portable" porta-potty.

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Tip #7 - "How to pack"  - Lazy Man ALWAYS needs a vacation.  This film demonstrates how to pack for any trip in 30 seconds or less using a high-powered vacuum cleaner.

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"Tip #26 -- Babysitting" - Would you hire Lazy Man to watch your newborn?  Good luck...

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Tip #25 - "Desert Survival" - From the scorching sands of the Sahara to the merciless morass of the Mojave, Lazy Man has a simple trick for surviving ANY unforgiving desert wasteland.  It's called... microwave popcorn.

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Coming soon:  "Eye surgery on the cheap" and the "Do-it-yourself Jacuzzi."

To watch any of these films, click one of the links above.  If you need a free Quicktime player, you can get one here --


Special bonus films:  Lazy KIDS Guide to Good Livin' -- Lazy Man's nephew, LazyLuke, was so inspired by the Lazy Man vision that he made his own young person's' version of the Lazy Man's Guide.  Watch at your own peril.


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