Since the Dawn of Time, lazy men have always expressed themselves best with simple grunt-like sounds and random child-like scrawls, sometimes called "drawings."  Whether smeared in lemur blood on a prehistoric cave wall, or scribbled with a miniature golf pencil on 300 Post-It notes while sitting on the john, the visual aid has become one of Lazy Mankind's greatest... well... visual aids.

Thus, the Lazy Man's Guide to Good Livin' has made the leap from ultra-dynamic on-line film series to even more extra-ultra-dynamic on-line comic series.  After all, a picture tells a thousand words.  And since the Lazy Man is too lazy to write a thousand words, he'll just let a bunch of pictures do the talking.





Please note: none of these Lazy Man comics would be possible without the brilliant illustrations of Paige Pooler.  If it weren't for Paige, the comics would look something like this... 

So please visit Paige's website and tell her how much you love her --


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